Video: Macklemore urges fans to support Grays Harbor nonprofit group

Macklemore’s last work: a public service announcement for the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority and its tall ship, Lady Washington.

The Seattle native, who filmed a music video for hit song “Can’t Hold Us” aboard the vessel, asked fans to support the nonprofit group’s education program. The video, in which the vessel appears several times, was shot in California with the help of the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority.

“We were on the open water, breeze hitting your face, smells like salt and dolphins. I was up on the mast. I was a little baby pirate. A little urban baby pirate up on there, doing my thing. And you can do your thing, too,” he said.

Lady Washington was built in Aberdeen in 1989. It is a full-scale replica of the original Lady Washington, which in 1788 was the first American ship to make landfall on the West Coast of North America.