Watch: Time-lapse videos show off Seattle’s beauty, charm

Welcome to the Emerald City Experience, a reel of 38 time-lapse sequences that show off some of Seattle’s best sides.

Creator Donald Jensen says he used more than 21,000 images to compile the 12 minutes of what he calls “a time-lapse journey through the magical city of Seattle.”

Jensen said his aim was to showcase both the city’s elegance and attitude.

“The ultimate goal was to present a video that would show what a person could see as they made their way through and around the city in the course of a day or two,” he said. “This also helped pay homage to the rock/grunge background of the city that spans the careers of Hendrix, Queensryche, and Sub Pop to Alice in Chains.”

All but the final scene were shot within the city limit.

The Emerald City Experience from donald jensen on Vimeo.